How to choose your microwave oven?

How to choose your microwave oven?


For what needs ?


What use?

  • Reheat or defrost? A SIMPLE microwave is enough for you.
  • To make crispy croque-monsieur or pizza? Opt for a model with a GRILL.
  • To cook quiches, chicken, roast, fish or cakes? You need a COMBINED microwave, or a MULTI-COOK oven, with rotating heat and the possibilities of a traditional oven.

What size?

  • Depending on the size of your family, you may select a larger diameter for the turntable: 27cm or more (for a plate or a dish).

What level of cooking precision ?

  • Electronic programming: To set the cooking time.
  • Automatic programs: To choose automatic cooking or defrosting modes (depending on weight and time).