About The Brand

Saba brand evokes comfort, warmth and innovation. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, the brand is associated with products that have been trusted by families all over Europe.

Saba was a pioneer in radio and television. Today the innovation continues with accessible products because many of us acknowledge that the uncomplicated things in life are still the best.

Its products are designed to be intuitive, simple and attainable for all-without sacrificing the latest technological advancements.

Delivering innovation at affordable prices gives consumers the opportunity to live life and enjoy.

Our Brand Values

The Saba brand believes in the power of innovative technology to amplify all the passions.
Every Saba product is designed to be reliable, efficient, comfortable and stylish.


The Saba brand was a pioneer of radio, television and much more. Today, innovation continues with 4K televisions and household appliances among others. If innovation is at the heart of the brand, Saba products are simple, modern, practical, and make life easier by making it more enjoyable.


Throughout its history, the philosophy of the Saba brand has been to offer products of comfort and entertainment of a very high quality, as they should be.


The products of the Saba brand are accessible, functional and easy to use. This is how we conceive of the relationship between brand and technology. Thus, their design is centered on use and ergonomics. This is why they are usable by all and remain very comfortable.


For generations of families, at home and beyond, the Saba brand has brought innovation in product concept and design. Through a range of products that improve the daily lives of those who use them, you will be able to share even more unique moments.


For its ease of use, availability and truly affordable products, Saba is a brand accessible to all. Its products are designed to be intuitive – without sacrificing the latest technological advances.


With the simplicity of its features, Saba ensures that people can have the latest developments in technology to do the things they love and give them more freedom to fully enjoy their lives.